About us

CHINAROCKERT CO., LTD. is a commercial aerospace company of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) in response to the national military and civilian integration strategy, conforms to the trend of the times and industry development, and meets the growing demand for commercial launch. It was established on 27th March 1998, former named as China Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Satellite Co., Ltd.(APMT),and renamed CHINAROCKET on 19th October 2016.

ChinaRocket is the only commercial aerospace platform company of CLAT, and is the main body of business responsibility in the commercial aerospace field. It is a platform company of CALT of commercial rocket model range planning, development and operation, commercial remodeling of rocket in service, commercial market development and commercial financing of the main business .It  is responsible for the corporate operation of commercial rockets and provide a complete package service of aerospace system integration..With the research ability support of CALT, through commercial operation, ChinaRocket integrates "market, technology, products, capital and services", forms independent intellectual property rights and creates international competitive product. Benchmarking world-class commercial aerospace company, ChinaRocket adhere to become a leader in the innovation of commercial aerospace technology.

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