International platform for the aerospace civil products

International trade consulting

We provide you with professional import and export agent and technology import service. We are good at solving the urgent needs of key projects for engineering development and production.
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Procurement of materials supply

We have well developed the domestic military industry market, and have a highly competitive quality supply channel and professional management and project management team. We provide all kinds of high quality materials for China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC), China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation(Casic), and China Electronics Technology Corporation(CETC).
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Commercial Vehicle

We provide engineering equipment and vehicles, including outside broadcasting car, Emergency communications command car,Oilfield vehicle and aerial platform vehicle. Our team has rich experience in international trade and has established marketing networks in important emerging markets in Southeast Asia such as Philippines, Laos and Burma.
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Other business

We provide modified cars,carbon fiber and minerals and environmental project and cooperate with all kinds of new projects.
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